• Photo of Narakkalli – Quests

    Narakkalli – Quests

    Elyos Quests Lv. Quest name Rewards 80+ [Instance/Group] Grisly Truth XP 55,263,836Kinahs 150 771 Greater Recovery Potion x5Greater Recovery Serum…

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  • Photo of Narakkalli – Loots

    Narakkalli – Loots

    Shivering Mahorosh Greedy Golmir Cursed Ovel Parts of the Legendary Black Flame set Weapons/Shields and Accessories (Headgear, Necklace, Earrings, Ring,…

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  • Photo of Narakkalli – Strategy

    Narakkalli – Strategy

    Start Point Destroy all monsters on your way and cross the bridge. When you reach the bridge, a cutscene will…

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  • Photo of Narakkalli


    Admission Number of players 6 players Level LvL 80+ Entries number 4 times per week Réinitialisation wednesday at 9:00 Lore…

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