6.5 - Hallow

Daevanion Skills

The Daevanion Skills

Daevanion skills are improvements to some of your basic skills and allow you to create different builds.
You can get the daevanion skills using a daevanion skillbook.

How to apply a Daevanion skill

Click on a daevanion skill and then on the apply button.

Daevanion Skills Enhancement (6.5)

1. You can now enhance or combine several daevanion skills via the new tuning window.

Enchant Daevanion Skills
1. Only legendary and + Daevanion skills can be improved.
2. You will have more chances that the enchantment will be a success if you use the same skillbook as the fused skill.
3. You can use special materials to prevent the level of enchantment from being reduced in case of failure.
4. The skillbook used as fusion material is destroyed after the fusion and the enchantment have a certain probability of failure.
5. The failure of an enchantment above +10 drops the enchantment back to +10. Ex) An enchantment failure at +13 drops the skill to +10.
6. Daevanion skills can be upgraded to +15.

The Fusion of daevanion skillbooks
1. You can only fuse ancient daevanion skillbooks and +.
2. You need a total of 4 books for 1 fusion.
3. It is possible to fuse books of different grades together. Ex) 2 ancient books + 2 Legendary books.
4. The skillbooks used in the fusion will be destroyed, and you may have (with some probability) a higher grade skillbook.

Get Daevanion Skills (6.5)

Magical crafting
You can craft daevanion boxes using Knowledge Insignias and Genesis Crystals.
You can buy the Knowledge Insignia from the Magical crafting Supply Shop in Lakrum.


Number of consumables

Acquisition method

insignia of knowledge daevanion 6 80 000 AP / Unit at Lakrum NPC (6 Insignias a week)
Genesis Crystal 100 Quests of Lakrum Garrisons

NPCs sellers of knowledge Insignias

You can get daevanion skills via shulacks smugglers

More > Shukiruk Shulacks smugglers

6.5 Update - Hallow

New PVE instances:


Hererim Mine

[Event] Steel Rose Fortress


New Battlefield:



New items




Complexe de Pandora

Pandora Development Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex


New functions :

Daevanion Skills

Transformation Collection


New Sets

Senekta's Set

Legendary Cold Set

Ultimate fulgurant cold Set


Pandora's Set

Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set


Golden sand's set

Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 6.5 :

KR - Update July 11th 2018

KR - Update July 18th 2018

KR - Update July 25th 2018

KR - Update August 1st 2018

KR - Update August 8th 2018

KR - Update August 22nd 2018


Additional Updates 6.5 :

KR - Update September 5th 2018

KR - Update September 19th 2018

KR – Update October 4th 2018

KR – Update October 10th 2018

KR – Update October 17th 2018

KR – Update October 24th 2018

KR - Update November 14th 2018


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