7.2 - Era of Legends

(Enhanced) Stigma

Unlock a great power, (Enhanced) Stigma.
Upgrade your stigma to +15 Daeva, and become even more powerful!

(Enhanced) Stigma

+15 Stigma can now be upgraded into (Enhanced) Stigma.
You must be lvl 80 or more to equip an (Enhanced) Stigma.
You can upgrade a Stigma via the Equipment Upgrader (NPC).

[Elyos] Exigon
Everlasting Life Refuge

[Asmos] Eburk
Temple of Perpetual Wisdom

Upgrade materials for (Enhanced) Stigma

To get an (Enhanced) Stigma you will need Abyss Points / Kinahs.
However, you can use [각인] 향상된 스티그마 승급 주문서 so you do not have to use Abyss Points / Kinahs.
※ The cost may vary depending on the servers’ race balance.

Normal Stigma

Greater Stigma

Major Stigma

6,000,000 Abyss Points
12,000,000 Kinahs

9,000,000 Abyss Points
18,000,000 Kinahs

18,000,000 Abyss Points
36,000,000 Kinahs

Using the following scrolls will help you upgrade your stigma without having to pay kinahs / Abyss Points.

icône nom Description
(Enhanced) Stigma for every class

(Enhanced) Stigma of every class
Click on the name of the class to see the list of its stigma.

Gladiator Templar Assassin Ranger
Sorcerer Spiritmaster Cleric Chanter
Gunner Aethertech Bard Painter

(Enhanced) Stigma set effect

Additional effects are activated once all your slots are equipped with (Enhanced) Stigma.
Equip (Enhanced) Stigma in all your slots to get your (Enhanced) Vision Stigma and your additional slots.
The set effects are maintained on all Stigma Skills even if you are equipped with (Enhanced) Stigma. However, these effects are not applied to your additional slots.



All stigma +6 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +1
All stigma +7 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +1
All stigma +8 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +1
All stigma +9 / (Enhanced) Stigma Normal Stigma Skills +2
2 Additional Normal Slots added
All stigma +10 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +2
All stigma +12 / (Enhanced) Stigma Greater Stigma Skills +1
1 Additional Greater Slot added
All stigma +14 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +2
All stigma +15 / (Enhanced) Stigma All Stigma Skills +3
All your slots are equipped with (Enhanced) Stigma only You keep the 2 Additional Normal Slots
You keep the Additional Greater Slot

(Enhanced) Vision Stigma

When all your slots are equipped with (Enhanced) Stigma only, then your Vision Stigma will be automatically Enhanced.
You must have all your Stigma slots equipped to get an (Enhanced) Stigma Vision.

7.2 Update: Era of Legends
New things

New Area

Orbis Training Arena




New PVE instances:

Beninerk’s Manor (Easy)

Beninerk’s Manor (Normal)

Hidden Minium Warehouse


New Event instance:

[Event] Farm animals race

[Event] Shattered Abyssal Splinter



Tower of Challenge


New Battlefields:

(North) Red Katalam (1000 vs 1000)

(South) Red Katalam Prades (96 vs 96)

(South) Red Katalam Garrisons


New Arenas

Solitude Training Camp (1 vs 1)

Primal Battlefield (2 to 12 players)


New items

New legendary transformations

Israphel's Apostle

Marchutan's Apostle

Zikel's Apostle

Kaisinel's Apostle

Siel's Apostle

Nezakan's Apostle

[Oops!] Rapid Hanbok Pixel


New Ultimate transformation



New Rank S Minions

Rank S Minions


New Battlefield Medals

Legendary Battle Medal

Ultimate Battle Medal


New Battlefield box

Box of Katalam protector's weapons



Class balance:

Class balance - n°13

Class balance - n°14

Class balance - n°15


New Holy Daevanion Skills

Holy Daevanion Skills


New (Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Vision Stigma Combinations


Stigma Translated

(Enhanced) Stigma Cloths

(Enhanced) Stigma Leathers

(Enhanced) Stigma Chains

(Enhanced) Stigma Plates


New Sets

Heavenly Weapons Collection

Heavenly Collection

Sun Weapons

Moon Weapons

Meteor Weapons


PvP Sets

Ancient Battle Set

Legendary Battle Set

Ultimate Battle Set

Ultimate of Intense Battle Set


Katalam Weapons (PvP)

Ultimate Weapons of the Katalam Protector


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update May 22nd, 2019

KR - Update May 23rd, 2019

KR - Update May 29th, 2019

KR - Update June 5th, 2019

KR - Update June 12th, 2019

KR - Update June 19th, 2019

KR - Update June 26th, 2019

KR - Update July 3rd, 2019


Additional Updates 7.5 (GF):

KR - Update July 17th, 2019

KR - Update July 31st, 2019

KR - Update August 7th, 2019

KR - Update August 14th, 2019

KR - Update August 21st, 2019

KR - Update August 23rd, 2019

KR - Update August 28th, 2019

KR - Update September 4th, 2019

KR - Update September 19th, 2019

KR - Update September 25th, 2019

KR - Update October 3rd, 2019



Official 7.2 Patchnote GF



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