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Gold Pack 6.0

Récompenses de vétéran et lots Gold

With 6.0 many game changes are coming and thus we need to adjust our Gold Pack accordingly. The new Gold Pack will stay active for 30 Days and give players different bonuses than before.

Gold Pack : adjustments have been made to the Gold Pack bonuses. The new bonuses are as follows:
– Remove of starter limitations
– 10% loot buff for instances
– One-off of 40 Luna when you activate a Gold Pack
– Daily login bonus: 30 Shugo Gold / Shugo Vending Machine use
– 11 character spaces
– Bonus for the new veteran reward system
– Special discounts in the AION Shop
– The items in the Shugo Vending Machine have been adjusted

Le distributeur shugomatique

The Shugo Vending Machine can now only be used with the Gold Pack.
– Shugo Gold can no longer be obtained from monster drops.
– The items in the Shugo Vending Machine have been adjusted.

Starter vs Veteran vs. Gold Pack user

We currently support three different models in AION:

Starter: Users who create an account after F2P was introduced and have no active Gold Pack.
Veteran: Users who create their accounts before the F2P was introduced have some benefits over the starter user.
Gold Pack user: Users who activate a Gold Pack (through AION Shop or by an ingame purchase). They have benefits over Starter and Veteran users.

Successeur des récompenses de vétéran

– The Gold Pack will be included in the successor of the Veteran Reward System, which will be launched some weeks after the 6.2 release.

Additionally we plan to release a system where users can exchange their accumulated premium time at a later point.

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