6.2 - CubesHoly Tower

Holy Tower

Players 6 Players
Level LVL 80+
Entries 4 times per week
Reset Wednesday at 9:00


With the Divine Fortress as the central point, the Brigade General Nergal guards the symbol of the Ereshkigal Legion and the tower that ensures his strength. Elyos and Asmodians who heard of Ereshkigal’s resurrection had to fight long and hard along the path to the core. They realized that Ereshkigal’s dark influence is so strong in this region that not flying nor further forward march would be possible.

How to enter?

1. The entrance to the Holy Tower is located in Lakrum. For Elyos, during the occupation of the 123rd Garrison, for Asmodians, during the occupation of the 126th Garrison.


Elyos – 123rd Garrison / Asmos – 126th Garrison

Holy Tower
Strategy Main strategy about the instance.
Loots Check what items you can find in the dungeon.
Quests Information on available quests.
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