5.8 - The Land of BattleShadow Archives

KR – Update August 16th 2017


1. You will no longer be able to score points before the Neviwind Canyon battle begins.


1. PVP attack will now be granted to Enhanced Feathers starting from +7.

Upgrade Level. +7 +8 +9 +10
PVP Attack 1.3% 2.6% 3.9% 5.2%

2. The maximum upgrade level for the Enhanced Feathers has been changed to 10.

3. The number of wrappings for Daeva accessories below level 65 would sometimes reset. This issue has been fixed.

4. When evolving Daeva items below level 65 and the result item is +20, the number of wrapping would sometimes not be added. This issue has been fixed.


5.8 - The Land of Battle
Missions Elyos:

웨다의 긴급한 부름
신성의 탑으로 진격하라
후방 지원 임무
에레슈키갈의 행방



페레그란의 긴급한 부름
신성의 탑을 향하여
진입로 지원 임무
에레슈키갈 추적


Instanced Dungeon Dungeons:

Holy tower
Mirash Refuge



New Items

Spinel coins


Grey wolf Badge


New Sets PvP Abyss sets:

High Guardian Commander's Set
High Archon Commander's Set


Exchange with Spinel coins sets:

Guardian Legionary's Set
Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
Elite Archon Legionary's Set


PvE sets:

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Grey Wolf Accessories

Magical crafting:

Proness Set
Gleaming Proness Set


Dark Dragon king's weapons:

Dark Dragon King's Weapons


System Forteress:

Divine Forteress



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Additional updates 5.8 part 2 [EU]

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