7.0 - New era

KR – Update January 30th 2019

Guardian General Battle

1. Dumaha Altar Guardian General battle has been added.
– The Guardian General battle takes place at the 10th Altar every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday after the Altar Siege.
– 1min after the Altar Siege, a Guardian General Battle system message appears.
– 10min after the system message, the defence will proceed for the next 20min.
– The Guardian General belongs to the race that occupies fewer Altars, the race with more Altars will have Defence Troops.
– If two races control the same number of Altars or at least one Altar remained under Balaur Control, the Guardian General battle will not start.
– You will automatically join your allies and acquire related quests automatically when approaching the Guardian General at the 10th Altar.
– After starting the quests, rewards can be obtained by killing the Guardian General/Defence Troops.
– There is no compensation for protecting the Guardian General and defence.


1. Kamar’s Battlefield Instanced Dungeon has been added.

Instanced Dungeon Players Level Entries Admission
Kamar’s Battlefield 12 vs 12 76 ~ 80 1 Saturday
12:00 ~ 14:00
20:00 ~ 02:00

– Depending on the final score (W/L/Draw), players can acquire Abyss Points, Stigma Bundle, Legendary Etium / Ultimate Etium as rewards.

2. 2nd boss, Suffering Raging Prometun, has been added to the Prometun’s workshop (Difficult).

3. Some skills would still apply during after Nergal in the Holy Tower would use the ‘Shield of Faith’ skill. This issue has been fixed.

4. An issue with Nergal in the Holy Tower sporadically resetting has been fixed.

5. Rewards for some named monsters that appear inside the Prometun’s workshop (Difficult) have been changed.

6. The number of Etium items players can acquire from Illumiel, Ruhnatorium, Neviwind Canyon, Ashunatal Dredgion has been adjusted.


1. A ‘+1 Greater Stigma Slot’ Set effect for wearing +12 Stigmas has been added.
– The Vision Stigma is not affected by the additional Greater Stigma.

2. Stigma Enchanting effects have been changed.

3. Some Skill effects have been changed.
– More details: Class balance – n°10

4. The tooltips of some skills have been fixed.

Exploration Garrison Defence

1. The Exploration Garrison Defence has been improved.

2. The topography of the Exploration Garrison areas has been fixed.


1. The selling price of Legendary Etium / Ultimate Etium that can be purchased from Altar Merchants has been lowered.

2. Incorrect phrasing in some item tooltips has been fixed.

3. Some items obtainable from boss monsters below level 40 will no longer be extractable.


1. Lisiel will always be placed in Lakrum and Dumaha.


1. An issue with Lakrum ‘Trailblazer’s Blessing’ Artifact buff not being removed when entering the Tower of Challenge has been fixed.

2. The sound of activating the Shards could not be heard during certain transformations. This issue has been fixed.


1. Quests related to the Guardian General Defence has been added.

2. The rewards for quests related to the Dumaha Altar Sieges have been increased.

3. An issue with Dumaha Officer/General quests not updating properly has been fixed.

4. The topography of the Exploration Garrison areas has been fixed.


1. New weekly Lugbug Missions have been added.
– Necessary items can be purchased from the Gold Sand Shop.

7.0 Update - New era
New things

New sub-class for the Artist:

The Painter

Painter skills


New zones:





New PVE instances:

Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Development Laboratory


Old instances reworked:


Holy Tower


New Arenas & Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (3v3)

Kamar's Battlefield


New items

Paint Rings





Class balance:

Class balance - n°10

Class balance - n°12


Lugbug Missions

Dumaha Altar Siege battles

Lakrum Fortress


New Sets


Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set

Legendary Silent Black Feather Set

Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set


Raid (Extendable):

Ultimate Dumaha Set of the Mighty


Stella Research Laboratory:

Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)

Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)


Prometun's Workshop (Difficult):

Light Fragment Set

Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set


PvP Craft:

Ultimate Pros' Set

Ultimate Noble Pros' Set


PvE Craft:

Ultimate Splen's Set

Ultimate Noble Splen's Set


Wise Dragon King:

Wise Dragon set

Wise Dragon King Set

Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.0 (GF):

KR - Update November 28th 2018

KR - Update November 29th 2018

KR - Update November 30th 2018

KR - Update December 5th 2018

KR - Update December 12th 2018

KR - Update December 13th 2018

KR - Update December 19th 2018

KR - Update December 26th 2018

KR - Update January 9th 2019

KR - Update January 16th 2019

KR - Update January 30th 2019


Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update February 13th 2019

KR - Update February 20th 2019

KR - Update February 27th 2019

KR - Update March 6th 2019

KR - Update March 20th 2019

KR - Update April 3rd 2019

KR - Update April 17th 2019

KR - Update April 18th 2019

KR - Update May 2nd 2019



Official 7.0 Patchnote GF



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