7.2 - Era of Legends

KR – Update May 22nd, 2019

Red Catalam

1. The new battlefield “Red Catalam” is now open.

Reset Entrance Level Admission
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
22:00 – 00:00
Lakrum / Dumaha Level 76 + 1000 Elyos / 1000 Asmodians

– You will need 150,000 Kinahs to enter.
– Once in Catalam, you will have a ticket. This ticket will remain in your inventory for 2 hours and you can enter and leave Catalam without it being destroyed.
– You can use kisk, transformation and PvP transformations, your mounts, items / resurrection skills as well as teleportation skills in Catalam.
– Red Catalam has no point of resurrection. You will need to use resurrection spells or seek the help of another player.
– If you REZ to the obelisk it will make you leave Catalam.

2. Base capture is possible in Catalam.
– You can capture the bases by killing the enemy legate.
– The capture of the base will modify the surrounding monsters by making pop monsters that can be killed only by the faction holding the base.
– The level of the base increases if you succeed to kill the Balaur assassin who tries to capture it.

3. Raid bosses can pop in Catalam.
● Raid Bosses
– Raid bosses appears depending on the state of occupancy of the bases.
– Kill the Assassins to raise the level of the bases. Once a certain number of bases is at level 5, the raid boss will pop near the key points.
– When the Raid boss appear a message is displayed in the chat and on your screen.

Key points (Group) Bases
First Key point Bases 701, 702 and 703
Third Key point Bases 707, 708 and 709
Seventh Key point Bases 718, 719, 720 and 721
Eighth Key point Bases 721, 722, 723 and 724
Ninth Key point Base 725

● Dominant Raid Bosses
– Dominant raid bosses appear based on the number of bases captured by factions.
– Look on your map the number of bases captured by your faction at a specific time and a boss will appear in Catalam for the faction occupying the most bases.
– You must at least have 1 base captured for a dominant to pop. If both factions have the same number of bases then the dominant boss will not pop. A boss appears for the faction that occupies the most bases every 10 minutes.
– If a dominant boss appears in Catalam, then a global message will be displayed to warn all players on the map.

● Random Raid Bosses
– Some bosses appear randomly in Red Catalam no matter the state of the bases.

4. “Treasure Chests of the Legion” will be available and will provide equipments.
– Some “Treasure Chests of the Legion” Ancient / Legendary / Ultimate appear in Catalam at different times and precise locations.
– A key is required to open these Treasure Chests. They can be crafted through Magical Crafting with Alchemium, Grade : Ancient / Legendary / Ultimate.

icône nom Description

– Alchemium keys can also be obtained in the following instances.

Holy Tower Alchemium key on the boss
Prometun’s workshop
Makarna of Biterness
Stella Development Laboratory
Benirung’s Mansion
Tower of Challenge (Lower level) Chance to get a key in the reward box

5. You can get ultimate weapons in Red Catalam.
– You can get ultimate weapons in Treasure Chests that appears at specific places of Catalam each time.
– You can select the weapon of your choice. These are extremely powerful. These weapons are automatically destroyed if you leave Catalam.
– The weapons have a life of 2 hours. Once this time has passed the weapon is automatically destroyed.

6. A special merchant will appear.
– If you capture sites 718 – 724 then the special NPC “파시룽” may appear.

Orbis Training Center

1. The “Orbis Training Center” has been added in the basement of Stellusia.

– You can duel here regardless of your faction!
– You can return to the entrance via the teleporter on the main square of Stellusia.
– Free Soul Healer and Transparency Transformation NPC are available to players in the Training Center.
– You can get a transparency transformation from the NPC with Stellium. You can receive the new legendary transformations as buff.

2. If you are level 76+, you can choose to REZ from the Orbis Training Center to the location you want, except for instances.


1. Benirung’s Mansion has been added.

Entrance Admission Level Number of entries Reset
Dumaha, Brodelgeysir 2 – 12 Players LvL 80+ 2 times per week Every Wednesday at 9am

2. Addition of the 4th boss ‘Enraged Prigga’ in Prometun’s workshop (Hard).
– You can loot: light fragment Boots / Necklaces on “Enraged Prigga”

3. The Tower of Challenge has been split in two. The Lower Level and The middle level.
– The lower and middle levels are composed of 15 levels each.
– The lower and middle levels share their number of entries.

4. XP of instances and monsters lvl 76 and less has been reduced.

5. Enchantment stones bundles can no longer be looted on bosses and reward boxes of the following instances:
– Narakkalli / Narakkalli of the opportunity (PCBang)
– Holy Tower / Holy Tower of the opportunity (PCBang)
– Prometun’s workshop
– Makarna of Biterness
– Senekta
– Stella Development Laboratory (Easy/Normal), Bosses and named monsters

6. You can get equipment boxes, in the hidden treasure chest of Narakkalli / Narakkalli of the opportunity (PCBang).


1.The TimeTable of Lakrum / Dumaha / Divine RvR has been modified.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
22:00 Lakrum

2. The fortresses have been improved as follows:
– Change of Dumaha / Divine Fortress General Guardian’s Pop Schedule.
– Changing the difficulty level of Lakrum / Dumaha.
– Increased minimum contribution for rewards.
– PvP contribution rate reduction.
– Increased rewards and kinahs from Dumaha / Lakrum / Divine fortresses.


1. A new Ultimate transformation and six new legendary transformations have been added.

Grade Transformations
legendary Israphel’s Apostle, Marchutan’s Apostle, Zikel’s Apostle, Kaisinel’s Apostle, Siel’s Apostle, Nezakan’s Apostle
Ultimate Marchutan

2. Rework of the Fusion interface / transformation contracts registering.

– Added +1 and +10 contracts. this allows you to add / remove many contracts in one go.

– Redesign of the transformation Fusion interface.
*If you check the continuous Fusion button, you can Fusion loop transformations without having to click.
*Press the “pass”, “next merge” buttons to go even faster.


On-going contract


Transformation obtained

– The results of your contracts are displayed at the bottom of your window. The resulting transformation is displayed in the middle of the screen.

3. The way the effects of transformation collections are applied has been changed.

– All the effects are now applied to your character, no more 6 effects only.
– Applied collection skills are now the ones with the highest level you have.

4. Change in the price of fusions according to the grade of the fused transformations.

5. New animations and effects when you use an Ultimate transformation has been added.

6. The voice of the character changes now, according to the gender of your transformation.
– If the transformation is transparent, then the voice does not change.
– In some situations like the cutscenes the character’s voice may not be changed.


1. Added 4 new stats: “Magical / Physical Critical Damage” and “Physical / Magical Critical Defense”.


1. The skill acquisition method has been changed.
– The skill acquisition method has been changed. The player now gets 1 skill every 10 levels between levels 10-60.
– Once your character level 60 you now get skills at each level, up to level 75.

2. Daevanion (Enhanced) skills were added, 10 for each class.
– These daevanion (Enhanced) skills can be obtained by enchanting your daevanion skills to +15 .


1. The number of items that can be sold to Legion Merchant NPCs that appear when Apsu protection is enabled is now limited.


1. Activation effects of Cubes on servers has been changed.

Before After
Activation of Cubes for all the characters of the account on all the servers. Activation of Cubes for all the characters of the account on the server you activated the cubes only.

1. New “Guide Missions” added.
– These missions can be done from level 76+ and relate to the growth of the character and the core of the game.
– You can find a new tab in the quest window named [Guide].

– By completing the Guide missions, you will get equipment.
– Guide missions will only be available for a certain period. (From May 22 to June 12, 2019 KR Only).

2. Random rewards for quests have been improved.


Quest reward window.


Details of Random Rewards.

– If you click on the small icon “?” in the quest window, you can find out what random rewards you can get.

3. Improvement of progress of some Lakrum quests to make them easier.
– You can now use the Immediate report button for most of the quests.
– The number of repetitions of some weekly quests has been changed, and can now be obtained / completed via the garrison’s NPCs.
– Once level 80 is reached, all quests below level 80 are automatically invisible.
– NPCs have been changed according to the type of quest Instances, Battlefield, leveling etc.
– The number of repeatable quests in some instances has decreased to 2 per week.
– Rewards for some quests have been improved
– Modification of the rewards of some PvP weekly quests in Lakrum.

4. Separation of the Stella Development Lab (Easy) and (Normal) quests.

5. Stigmas rewarded in stigma leveling quests have been changed to Stigma bundles (allowing choice).

6. New quests added related to Red Catalam.

7. New quests added related to the Orbis training center.

8. New quests added related to Benirung’s Mansion.

9. Lakrum Enchantment Stone’s initiation quests will no longer be available from now on.

10. Repeatable quests giving enchantment stones to certain instances has been added.

11. Legion tasks have been re-organized to match the new content.

12. Taloc’s hollow and Nightmare Campaign quests have been modified from mandatory quests to optional quests.

13. Correction of the typo / progress of some quests.

Lugbug’s mission

1. The configuration of Daily / Weekly lugbug missions has changed.
– Now you can no longer perform weekly missions from level 1 to 75.
– You will be able to complete lugbug’s weekly missions, only once your character is level 76 and more.


1. The new “Blood Set” a PvP set that can be obtained in Catalam has been added.
– You can get parts of the Blood Set from the Ancient / Legendary / Ultimate “treasure chests of the legion” in Red Catalam.
– You also have a chance to get parts of the blood equipment from the boxes at the NPCs (quartermasters).

The following NPCs sell treasure chests.

Catalam Rewards quartermasters
Faction Location Name of the NPC
Elyos/Asmodians Red Catalam 파시룽 ※ Prix réduit Limité
Stellusia 카이란
Elyos Everlasting life refuge 하르트
Asmodians Temple of perpetual wisdom 로텔리

– You will need Battle Medals to buy the treasure of Catalam.
– Battle Medals can be obtained via quests and Raid Bosses of Red Catalam.
– By merging 10 seals of blood you can get 1 Battle Medal, You can get these seals on Blood Monsters and around Catalam Bases.
– The treasure chests of Catalam can be disassembled up to 5 times into 경험의 증표 .
– ‘경험의 증표‘ can be made with “전투 경험 추출기” sold by Catalam merchants.

2. Added Magical Crating recipes for Catalam items.

3. The number of stuff you can get in some instances has been reduced.

4. The price of some items in the shop has been reduced. (KR only).

5. The amount of Enchantment Stone Boxes you can purchase from the “Administrator for special consumables (Genesis Crystals)” has been reduced to 5 per week.


1. The monsters of Lakrum no longer drop Ancient Alchemium.
– You can get Ancient Alchemium in the reward box of Narakkalli and on the named monsters of the Holy Tower.
– The monsters of Lakrum no longer drop “shards”, nor “rank C minionites”.


1. After opening the Trade Broker window, you can no longer select the unsellable items in the auction house.

2. The least wanted items at the auction house are now invisible.
– To find them you now have to enter their names directly in the search bar of the auction house.

3. New Tips system in game added.
– Tips are displayed every 30 minutes in the chat window.
– These tips are only visible if you check the tips feature in the chat settings.

4. Tooltips for some items / features have been improved.

5. The display of the weapon stats in the profile window has been changed. (Separation of the right hand / left hand).


1. Fixed a problem when the player modified a key to use the “Y” key instead of the basic key. It resets itself.

7.2 Update: Era of Legends
New things

New Area

Orbis Training Arena




New PVE instances:

Beninerk’s Manor (Easy)

Beninerk’s Manor (Normal)

Hidden Minium Warehouse


New Event instance:

[Event] Farm animals race

[Event] Shattered Abyssal Splinter



Tower of Challenge


New Battlefields:

(North) Red Katalam (1000 vs 1000)

(South) Red Katalam Prades (96 vs 96)

(South) Red Katalam Garrisons


New Arenas

Solitude Training Camp (1 vs 1)

Primal Battlefield (2 to 12 players)


New items

New legendary transformations

Israphel's Apostle

Marchutan's Apostle

Zikel's Apostle

Kaisinel's Apostle

Siel's Apostle

Nezakan's Apostle

[Oops!] Rapid Hanbok Pixel


New Ultimate transformation



New Rank S Minions

Rank S Minions


New Battlefield Medals

Legendary Battle Medal

Ultimate Battle Medal


New Battlefield box

Box of Katalam protector's weapons



Class balance:

Class balance - n°13

Class balance - n°14

Class balance - n°15


New Holy Daevanion Skills

Holy Daevanion Skills


New (Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Vision Stigma Combinations


Stigma Translated

(Enhanced) Stigma Cloths

(Enhanced) Stigma Leathers

(Enhanced) Stigma Chains

(Enhanced) Stigma Plates


New Sets

Heavenly Weapons Collection

Heavenly Collection

Sun Weapons

Moon Weapons

Meteor Weapons


PvP Sets

Ancient Battle Set

Legendary Battle Set

Ultimate Battle Set

Ultimate of Intense Battle Set


Katalam Weapons (PvP)

Ultimate Weapons of the Katalam Protector


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update May 22nd, 2019

KR - Update May 23rd, 2019

KR - Update May 29th, 2019

KR - Update June 5th, 2019

KR - Update June 12th, 2019

KR - Update June 19th, 2019

KR - Update June 26th, 2019

KR - Update July 3rd, 2019


Additional Updates 7.5 (GF):

KR - Update July 17th, 2019

KR - Update July 31st, 2019

KR - Update August 7th, 2019

KR - Update August 14th, 2019

KR - Update August 21st, 2019

KR - Update August 23rd, 2019

KR - Update August 28th, 2019

KR - Update September 4th, 2019

KR - Update September 19th, 2019

KR - Update September 25th, 2019

KR - Update October 3rd, 2019



Official 7.2 Patchnote GF



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