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Minions! Daeva’s third hand!
A contracted Minion will follow the player and aid him in battle.
There are various Minions, after summoning one, it will increase your abilities and allow you to use additional skills.


2017. 7. 12. Update
– 5 new Minions have been added.
– The probability of acquiring higher grade Minions has been increased.
– The cost of Minion growth and evolution has been decreased.
– The summoning effect will increase when the Minion Growth reaches 50%.
– Minion Contracts can now be obtained in the Rift of Oblivion.
미니움 can be acquired from Mirash Sanctuary.
– Minion Contracts can be used from level 10.

2017. 3. 15. Update
– Summoning effect of A Grade Minions has been increased.
– Sita and Grendal’s skill effects have been increased.
– Minion Growth cost has been decreased.
– The probability of obtaining Minions of grades higher than C from Greater Minion Contract/Major Minion Contract has been increased.
– Esterra/Nosra Invasion will now give more 미니움.
– Minion Skills will no longer be affected by character’s skill power enhancements.

System Overview

● Minion Contracts allow you to contract a random Minion.
● You can manage your minions from [Menu > Minion List].
● Minions are divided between A~D Grades. They can grow and evolve.
● When you summon a Minion, you will be able to use special skills and some of your stats will increase. You will also be able to pay for additional functions like auto-looting.
● Pets and Minions can not be summoned at the same time.

Acquiring Minions

■ Minion Contract
To get a Minion, you will need a Minion Contract.
Minion Contracts are divided into several grades and can be obtained in following ways.

Type Instance
특별한 미니온 계약서

Elyos 하이데바의 새로운 동료
Asmodian 하이데바의 새로운 동지

하급 미니온 계약서 Neviwind Canyon
중급 미니온 계약서 Museum of Knowledge
Kallipso (E), Kathua (A) in the Temple of Honour.
상급 미니온 계약서 Narakkalli
귀여운 미니온 계약서 Event rewards.

■ Minion Contract
When you click on a Minion Contract in your inventory, the Minion management window appears and you can contract a random Minion. The probability of obtaining each Grade depends on the type of Contract you use.
The higher the grade of the Contract, the higher the probability of obtaining higher grade Minion.


D Grade Cherub Minion


B Grade Abija Minion

Main UI

Contracting and managing Minions can be done through Minion management window.
You can open the Minion management window by clicking on [Menu > Minion List], or by clicking on a summoned Minion.


Minion Window > Contract Tab
① Used Minion Contract
② Quantity of Minion Contracts
③ Confirmation Button


Minion Window > List Tab
① Minion Classification by Grade
② Double click to summon
③ Minion Skill Points


Minion Window > Synthesis Tab
① Minion Classification by Grade
② Minions to Synthetize (up to 4)
③ Available Minion of selected Grade
④ Synthetize/Confirm


Minion Details
① Minion’s Grade and Evolution Stage
② Growth Points: Can Evolve when the bar is full
③ Minion Skills/Minion Functions

Types of Minions

There are various kinds of Minions.
The special Cherub Minions can not be evolved, but they give twice as many Growth Points when used as material to grow other minions of the same grade.

Grade Types Remarks





Growth and Evolution Possible

Minion Functions Available (Auto-Looting, Auto-Buffing, Alarm)

Attribute Buffs and Skills Available






Steel Rose


Arch Kerubiel



Growth and Evolution Unavailable

Minion Functions Unavailable

Attribute Buffs and Skills Available


When Minions grow up, they can be evolved up to Stage 4. (However, Kerub Minions can not grow and evolve)
Minion’s Growth and Evolution works as follows.

■ Minion’s Growth
First, gain Growth Points by using other minions as a material. (A small amount of Kinah is also consumed)
The number of Growth Points you can gain depends on the grade and type of Minions you use as materials.
Using Kerub type Minions of the same Grade will allow you to gain twice as many Growth Points.


Click on the Growth button next to the Growth Points bar


and select Minions you would like to sacrifice

■ Minion’s Evolution
When the Minion’s Growth Points reach the maximum value, the Minion can be evolved.
To evolve a Minion, you will need a certain number of 미니움, and a certain amount of Kinah will be consumed.
When a Minion evolves, a wing icon will appear indicating the current Evolution Stage, And Minion’s Skills will improve.

– After evolution, the number of Growth Points is reset.
– Summoned Minions can not be evolved. Unsummon your Minion before proceeding.


When you reach the maximum number of Growth Points,
use 미니움 to evolve your Minion


The wings in the Minion’s information window signify the
Minion’s Evolution Stage


By combining Minions, it’s possible to obtain a Minion of a higher grade with a certain probability.
Select 4 Minions of the same grade to combine them. All 4 minions will disappear regardless if the synthesis was successful or failed.

– Synthesis Success: Random 1 grade higher Minion
– Synthesis Failure: Random Minion of the same grade


Synthesis requires selecting 4 Minions of the same Grade


By selecting 4 C Grade Minions, you can get a B Grade minion
if the process doesn’t fail (it is not 100%)

Minion Skills: Charging Skill Points

Each Minion allows you to use certain Minion Skills.
Minion skills are divided into character skills (Summoning Effect) and usable skills.

■ Charging Minion Skill Points
In order to use Minion skills, you first need to charge the Skill Points.
Minion Skill Points can be charged by clicking on a button at the bottom of the Minion’s details window and paying a certain amount of Kinah. Using Minion Skills will gradually consume the Skill Points.
Minion Skill Points are shared among all your Minions.


① At the bottom of the Minion window, there is a Skill Points status bar, and a charge button
② You can check Skill details in each Minion’s details window

Minion Skills: Summoning Effect

Minions have the ability to increase some of the character’s abilities.
Depending on the player’s profession, magical or physical attributes will be increased. The bonuses depend on the Minion’s grade, growth and evolution stages.

Grade Stage Physical Attributes Magical Attributes
HP Attack Accuracy Crit Strike HP Crit Spell Magic Boost Magical Acc
A 4 3,000 39 118 78 3,000 68 178 102
3 (50%) 2,554 33 100 66 2,554 58 151 87
3 2,108 27 82 54 2,108 48 124 72
2 (50%) 1,662 21 64 42 1,662 38 97 57
2 1,216 15 46 30 1,216 28 70 42
1 (50%) 770 9 28 18 770 18 43 27
1 324 3 10 6 324 8 16 12
B 4 290 14 0 28 290 0 64 37
3 (50%) 260 12 0 24 260 0 55 32
3 230 10 0 20 230 0 46 27
2 (50%) 200 8 0 16 200 0 37 22
2 170 6 0 12 170 0 28 17
1 (50%) 140 4 0 8 140 0 19 12
1 110 2 0 4 110 0 10 7
C 4 140 7 0 0 140 0 30 0
3 (50%) 134 6 0 0 134 0 26 0
3 128 5 0 0 128 0 22 0
2 (50%) 122 4 0 0 122 0 18 0
2 116 3 0 0 116 0 14 0
1 (50%) 110 2 0 0 110 0 10 0
1 104 1 0 0 104 0 6 0
D 1 50 0 0 0 50 0 0 0
Minion Skills: Usable Skills

Each Minion allows you to use special Minion Skills.
With every Minion’s Evolution stage, the skill effect increases. When a Minion reaches Evolution Stage 3 or higher, additional skill is added.
Minion Skills can be registered on the quick bar.

Additional Minion Functions

All Minions, except Kerub, can use additional functions.
There are 3 additional Minion functions, you can use them for 30 days after paying a certain amount of Kinah. (Common to all contracted Minions)

1. Auto-Looting
2. Auto-Buffing (2 cooked items, 3 scrolls can be registered)
3. Alarm Function


Use Kinah to unclock Minion’s additional functions


Activate selected functions by clicking on [Use function]

Realted Quests

Elyos quests

Quest Name Min
66 Special Minion Contract 1


XP 39,787,200

Minium 2
스피넬주화 1

10 Special Minion Contract 1

Asmodian quests

Quest Name Min
66 Special Minion Contract 1


XP 39,787,200

Minium 2
스피넬주화 1

10 Special Minion Contract 1

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