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Narakkalli – Strategy

Start Point

Destroy all monsters on your way and cross the bridge. When you reach the bridge, a cutscene will be played and all characters will be moved to the next area.


Sakra Prison Camp


1. Room of Penanc


You should notice that the Sakra Symbol cannot be removed. After waiting for a while, Bastiel will appear to open the gate.


At the same time, 2 missions will start. To move to the next section, you must clear both tasks.

Daeva Rescue Mission Rescue 10 Daevas on the 2nd~4th floor of the Purification Chamber.
Mission to destroy the generator Destroy 4 generators on the 1st floor.

2. Sakra Prison Camp


Find and kill all Keyguard of the Purification Chamber monsters in the camp. Use keys from killed monsters to open gates to Purification Chambers and rescue Daves trapped in cages.

Sakra Prison Camp (4th floor) 3 Purification Chambers
Purification Chambers Sakra Prison Camp (3rd floor) 1 Purification Chamber
Sakra Prison Camp (2nd floor) 2 Purification Chambers


Kill Owner of the Mechanism for the Purification Cage to acquire clearing mechanisms. Use them on cages to free Daevas faster.

3. Explosive Managers


In order to quickly destroy Generators on the 1st floor, kill 4 Explosive Manager and collect bombs.


In order to reach Kramush, the last Manager, you must access the Punishment Room on the 1st floor. Bombs can be used from a distance.

4. Mahorosh and Kudansha


Shivering Mahorosh is the first boss you will encounter. Use the orbs around you to remove the Sakra Symbol.


Tranquil Terrarium


1. Greedy Golmir


Golmir is the 2nd boss you will encounter. Golmir uses a lot of AoE attacks so it might be a good idea to spread around.

2. Bastiel Defense


To start the defence, talk to Bastiel who suffered a fatal injury.
– Among incoming monsters you will find Sakra Essence Bearer, killing them will spawn Sakra orbs that only Clerics can use.


One of the Clerics must absorb the power of 3 Sakra orbs and use a special Heal to restore Basietl’s life. Once his HP has been restored, the doors will open.


Watch out on Exploding Beetle of the Fallusha Army as the skill they use will deal a lot of amage.

3. Ancient Fallusha


After you enter the Altar of Tranquillity, you will face 4 Fallushas who are cursing Ovel.
Each Fallusha uses different debuffs so it’s a good idea to take into account each player’s characteristics before attacking them.

Arrogant Frida Speed Reduction
Envious Invida Bleeding
Raging Ilda Silence
Greedy Grida Blind

BOSS Cursed Ovel

After killing 4 Fallusha, a cutscene will be played and Cursed Ovel, the final boss, will appear.


1. Cold Strike


When you get hit by the Cold Strike, Cold Strike debuff will be applied.


The debuff can only be lifted with Cleric’s dispell skills. If you do not remove the debuff, the next Cold Strike will deal a lot of damage.

2. Frozen Breath


The skill will target one of the party members. Whoever is hit by the Frozen Breath will be temporarily immobilized and silenced.

3. Summon: Lump of Ice


Freezes 2 players from the party for 10min. You must free Bastiel from the Ice Prison in order for him to remove the Lump of Ice from your group.

4. Hailstorm


Creates an AoE damage area around one player and puts Bastiel in Frost Prison.

5. Soul Freeze


AoE damage targetting all players and turns one party member into an invisible soul. Kill the Soul Watcher to remove the invisibility state.


6. Chilling Cold


The character with the Chilling Cold will have access the [Transference: Chilling Cold] skill.

You can use it to transfer the debuff to another party member. The party member passing the Cold will have a [Cold Sickness] debuff and will be severely damaged if he gets Chilling Cold again.


However, if a player dies, the Chilling Cold will disappear.

7. Icy Cold Explosion

Icy Cold Explosion works the same way as the Chilling Cold but can be used on the boss. It can be used to remove the shield from the boss.

Strategy Main strategy about the instance.
Loots Check what items you can find in the dungeon.
Quests Information on available quests.
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