5.5 – Immortal: Flower of Ice6.2 - CubesNarakkalli


Number of players 6 players
Level LvL 80+
Entries number 4 times per week
Réinitialisation wednesday at 9:00


A lot of Daevas disappeared without a trace at the hands of Ereshkigal’s minions after the underhand Dredgion invasion. The agents suspected the worst and are sending you into the abyss to investigate further. You learn that a strange place has appeared high in the air over Reshanta – Narakkalli.

How to enter?

1. The Entrance to Narakkalli is located in Lakrum near the 127th Garrison.


Elyos – 39th Legion’s Guard Post / Asmodians – 39th Legion’s Guard Post

Strategy Main strategy about the instance.
Loots Check what items you can find in the dungeon.
Quests Information on available quests.
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