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New High Daeva Skills

Nom Description
ev_fi_fortitude_g1.png 복수의 갑주 Increases your Fear Resistance and Sleep Resistance by 800 for 15s. Also, after receiving damage 1 time, some of your HP will be restored, and your movement speed increased for a short period of time. Reflects the next 10 hits from targets up to 10m away.
ev_kn_bloodyslash_g8.png 혈풍 베기 Consumes some of your HP to deal 2500~2500 Physical damage to up to 3 enemies within 7m radius from the target.

Multicast 3 times.

ev_as_light_defendroar_g1.png 칠흑의 학살자 You transform into a Slayer for 60s. Your Magic Resist increases by 250, Magical Acc by 1000, max HP by 5,000, your weapon range by 2m, and your regenerate MP much faster. Also, for 15s, your next skill will deal a critical damage.
ev_ra_sabageroar_g1.png 라이칸의 축복 Uses DP to transform you into a Mau. Your Physical Attack increases by 30%, Atk Speed by 26%, Speed by 39%, Magical Acc by 300, resistance to pulls by 300, and Paralysis Resistance by 300. During the transformation, your DP will be constantly drained.
ev_wi_meteor_g1.png 광염의 원무 Deals 1,500 magical damage to enemies 25m away and whoever is within a 10m radius with a chance to stun them for 3s. Also, inflicts burning status on the targets.
ev_el_terrorspirit_g1.png 악몽의 절규 Transforms up to 9 enemies within a 15m radius into Fire Spirits for 11s – 18s, and reduces the movement speed by 60%. The enemy is less likely to resist this skill.
ev_pr_light_holyservent_g1.png 소환: 징벌의 기운 Summons a Holy Servant near you. The servant can not move and constantly attacks an enemy within a 25m radius. The Servant’s HP will drop with each attack, it will be protected by a shield that reflects incoming damage and after a certain amount of time, it will disappear.
ev_ch_protectself_g1.png 수호진 For 10s, all party members within 20m radius receive a shield that has 100% chance to block incoming damage, increases Knockdown resistance by 500, Silence Resistance by 300, Magic Suppression by 1000, and Healing skills will be 50% more effective. (The shield can block 50% damage of a single attack).
ev_en_formwall_g3.png 마력 형상화 Recovers 25% of your HP, and increase your max HP by 25% for 30s. Also, your Binding resistance increases by 500, and Silence Resistance by 300.
ev_ri_highendoverdrive_g12.png 한계 초월 Increases movement and flight speed by 15%, Atk Speed by 15%, Magic Boost by 500 and Magical Acc by 400.
ev_ba_songofpurify_g1.png 정화의 음률 Removes debuffs from you and other party members up to 25m away from you and restores 1,000 MP.
5.5 - Immortal : Flower of Ice
Missions Elyos

Unstable Artefact of Knowledge

Grisly Truth

Flower that lives on Blood



Weakened Artefact of Knowledge

Grim Truth

Flower that lives on Death


Instances Battlefield :

Neviwind Canyon

Golden Arena (Party)


Instances :

Museum of Knowledge


Tower of Challenge


New Items

Petra medals

Glowing Enchantment Stone


Battlefield Insignia

Coin of Growth


New sets

Ancient Fallusha's Set


Accessories :

Kroban's Accessories


Holy Apollon's set

Holy Maze Set


Skins :

Magnificent Peacock Feather Set



Enchanting System Renewal

New High Daeva skills



Additional Rift Entries


Additionnal updates Additionnal updates : 5.5

KR - Update January 18th 2017

KR - Update January 25th 2017

KR - Update February 8th 2017

KR - Update February 15th 2017


Additionnal updates : 5.6

KR - Update February 22nd 2017

KR - Update February 23rd 2017

KR - Update March 2nd 2017

KR - Update March 8th 2017

KR - Update March 15th 2017

KR - Update March 16th 2017

KR - Update March 22nd 2017

KR - Update March 29th 2017

KR - Update April 5th 2017

KR - Update April 12nd 2017

KR - Update April 19th 2017

KR - Update April 26th 2017

KR - Update May 17th 2017

KR - Update June 14th 2017


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