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Shukiruk Shulacks smugglers

Shulacks smugglers have stolen valuable books from the Library of Knowledge!
Daevas, you must find Daevanion skill books.

The smuggler Shukiruk

A message appears if a smuggler Shukiruk will appear in your instance or on the battlefield.
They don’t always appear, look closely at the message that appears on your screen.

You can tell which smuggler has appeared by reading the message.

Instances Battlefield
Garden of knowledge Dredgions
Holy Tower
Narakkalli Runatorium
Prometun’s workshop
Makarna of Biterness

Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk only appears in the Garden of Knowledge.

Trouver la contrebande

The appearance of Shukiruk has been confirmed by our special envoys in the following places:

1. Garden of knowledge

2. Holy Tower

3. Narakkalli

4. Prometun’s workshop

5. Makarna of Biterness

The goods

The smuggler’s rewards are daevanion skill books. The type of book varies according to the Shukiruk and you can have duplicates.

Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk Ancient Daevanion Skill Chest 1
Smuggler Shukiruk Legendary Daevanion Skill Chest 0 – 1
Splendid Shukiruk Legendary Daevanion Skill Chest 1

The smuggler Shukiruk, can sometimes give a legendary daevanion skill chest, but also give nothing at all!

Daevanion Skills of the ancient Box

icône nom Description

Daevanion Skills of the legendary Box

icône nom Description
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