General infos

  • Photo of Chanter


    The Chanter uses his mantras to support his allies! Increase your attack power and speed to destroy your opponents. Chanter…

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  • Photo of Cleric


    Heal your allies thanks to the Cleric’s many healing skills! Enter the battlefield and save your allies from death. Cleric…

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  • Photo of Aethertech


    Aethertechs are great protectors! Thanks to your Mech, you will be able to defend your allies and destroy your enemies.…

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  • Photo of Painter


    The Painter paints his own victory! Fight your enemies with powerful and colorful attacks. Painter Sub Class Artist Main stats…

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  • Photo of Bard


    Bards can increase the power of their allies through music! Summon chicks, frogs and butterflies to help you in your…

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  • Photo of Spiritmaster


    Control the elements and neutralize your enemies! Use your debuffs to reduce your opponents to dust. Spiritmaster Sub Class Mage…

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  • Photo of Sorcerer


    The magic power of wizards is infinite! Lead your allies to victory with your ranged spells. Sorcerer Sub Class Mage…

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  • Photo of Gunner


    Unleash your Aether Revolvers and kill your enemies! You can also blow them up with your canon if you’re not…

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  • Photo of Ranger


    Master the trajectory of your arrows, to crush your enemies! Trap your opponents and finish them off. Ranger Sub Class…

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  • Photo of Assassin


    Stab your enemies in the shadows! Assassinate your opponents with your increased attack and attack speed. Assassin Sub Class Scout…

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