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Bienvenue sur la page des guides de Tourunrunerk et ses potes!

Ces guides vous permettrons d’avoir toutes les cartes en mains pour bien débuter votre aventure et apprendre toutes les ficelles du monde d’Aion.

Mais aussi, vous pourrez en apprendre un peu plus sur toutes les fonctionnalités à haut niveau comme le meilleur ensemble du moment, les astuces de quêtes etc…

7.5 Update: Atreia

[KR] : TBA / [EU] : TBA / [NA] : TBA

Areas : Inggison/Gelkmaros Reworked, Inter-Server for Dumaha/Lakrum.
Instances : Altar of Ascension, Inggison/Gelkmaros Arena Rifts.
Items : Odians, Runes, Infinity Stuff.
System : Contamination/Purification system, Fame System.

7.2 Update: Era of Legends

[KR] : May 22nd, 2019. / [EU] : October 30th, 2019. / [NA] : TBA

Skills : New Class Balance.
Areas : Orbis Training Arena, Red Katalam Battlefield.
Instances : Beninerk’s Manor (Easy/normal), Tower of Challenge Reworked.
Items : New battle medals, Katalam PvP Set.
System : 5 new legendary transformations, Ultimate Marchutan Transformation, Rank S Minions.

7.0 Update: New era

[KR] : November 28th, 2018. / [EU] : July 24th, 2019. / [NA] : August 21st, 2019.

Class : New class Painter, New weapons Paint Rings.
Skills : New skills and stigma for the Painter.
Areas : New Map Dumaha and Stellusia.
Instances : Stella Development Laboratory, Nochsana Training Camp.
Items : Stellium coins, New T2 Set, Wise King Dragon Weapons.
System : Lugbug Missions.

6.5 Update: Hallow

[KR] : July 11th, 2018. / [EU] : April 3rd, 2019. / [NA] : March 27th, 2019.

Instances : Senekta, Hererim's mine, Illumiel.
System : Complexe of Pandora, Ereshkigal's cubes, Transformations Collection.
Skills : New Daevanion skills.
Items : New Ereshkigal and Pandora sets.

6.2 Update: Cubes

[KR] : March 13th, 2018. / [EU] : September 19th, 2018. / [NA] : October 24th, 2018.

Instances : Kubrinerk Cube Laboratory.
System : Cubes System, Minions' rework.
Skills : New Daevanions skills.
Items : New power shards system.

6.0 Update: Refly

[KR] : January 17th, 2018. / [EU] : September 19th, 2018. / [NA] : October 24th, 2018.

Instances: Prometun's Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness and Draupnir Fortress.
Characters: Changes to the Character's abilities.
Skills: Removed, changed and improved skills. New Daevanion Skills.
Areas: New land Lakrum, ancient areas removed and new map design.
Items: New currencies. Changes to the old items.
System: New transformation systems. Crafting profession removed.

5.8 Update: Land of battle

[KR] : July 12th, 2017. / [EU] : February 7th, 2018. / [NA] : January 10th, 2018.

Instances: 2 new Instances Divine Tower, Mirash Sanctuary.
Areas: Abyss Core reopened.
Items: New Abyss items, Spinel Coin items.
System: Minions from Level 10, Chat system upgraded.

5.5/5.6 updates: Immortal - Flower of Ice

[KR] : January 1st, 2017. / [EU] : August 9th, 2017. / [NA] : July 19th, 2017.

Instances: 2 new deungeons, 1 new arena system.
Items: New high daeva stuff, Abyss medals renewal.
System: Renewal of the Enchanting System, Video Recording feature, Minion System, additional rift entries.

Previous patches can be found here > List of old patches.
- "Attention!": These are totally obsolete and the inforomations may not match the current content in-game.

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