7.0 - New era

KR – Update April 17th 2019


1. Fixed an issue where sometimes the first boss reward box did not appear in the Prometun Workshop (Hard).

2. Fixed a problem at the Prometun Workshop (Hard) that caused the skills of the 2nd Boss “Suffering Raging Prometun” to not always work.

3. Fixed a problem in the Prometun Workshop (Hard) that caused some Patterns of the 3rd boss ‘Raging Tarukkan’ not to apply depending on the distance between the player and the boss.

4. In the Prometun Workshop (Hard) on the 3rd boss ‘Raging Tarukkan’ if he is not attacked properly, the players will all be killed.


1. Fixed many skills. For more information see: Class balance – n°12.


1. The period of acquisition ofthe Wise Dragon King weapons is now over, these are no longer exchangeable. (KR Event)
– Can no longer be upgraded.
– Can’t extract.
– You can no longer obtain Wise Dragon King weapons via transmutation.


1. Fixed an issue where buffs were not always applied to the gates of the Divine Fortress when it’s Siege time.

7.0 Update - New era
New things

New sub-class for the Artist:

The Painter

Painter skills


New zones:





New PVE instances:

Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Development Laboratory


Old instances reworked:


Holy Tower


New Arenas & Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (3v3)

Kamar's Battlefield


New items

Paint Rings





Class balance:

Class balance - n°10

Class balance - n°12


Lugbug Missions

Dumaha Altar Siege battles

Lakrum Fortress


New Sets


Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set

Legendary Silent Black Feather Set

Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set


Raid (Extendable):

Ultimate Dumaha Set of the Mighty


Stella Research Laboratory:

Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)

Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)


Prometun's Workshop (Difficult):

Light Fragment Set

Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set


PvP Craft:

Ultimate Pros' Set

Ultimate Noble Pros' Set


PvE Craft:

Ultimate Splen's Set

Ultimate Noble Splen's Set


Wise Dragon King:

Wise Dragon set

Wise Dragon King Set

Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.0 (GF):

KR - Update November 28th 2018

KR - Update November 29th 2018

KR - Update November 30th 2018

KR - Update December 5th 2018

KR - Update December 12th 2018

KR - Update December 13th 2018

KR - Update December 19th 2018

KR - Update December 26th 2018

KR - Update January 9th 2019

KR - Update January 16th 2019

KR - Update January 30th 2019


Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update February 13th 2019

KR - Update February 20th 2019

KR - Update February 27th 2019

KR - Update March 6th 2019

KR - Update March 20th 2019

KR - Update April 3rd 2019

KR - Update April 17th 2019

KR - Update April 18th 2019

KR - Update May 2nd 2019



Official 7.0 Patchnote GF



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