7.0 - New era

KR – Update December 13th 2018


1. T2 Physical Necklace will no longer receive Magical Earrings random attributes.

2. Random attributes for some T2 items have been increased.

7.0 Update - New era
New things

New sub-class for the Artist:

The Painter

Painter skills


New zones:





New PVE instances:

Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Development Laboratory


Old instances reworked:


Holy Tower


New Arenas & Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (3v3)

Kamar's Battlefield


New items

Paint Rings





Class balance:

Class balance - n°10

Class balance - n°12


Lugbug Missions

Dumaha Altar Siege battles

Lakrum Fortress


New Sets


Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set

Legendary Silent Black Feather Set

Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set


Raid (Extendable):

Ultimate Dumaha Set of the Mighty


Stella Research Laboratory:

Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)

Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)


Prometun's Workshop (Difficult):

Light Fragment Set

Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set


PvP Craft:

Ultimate Pros' Set

Ultimate Noble Pros' Set


PvE Craft:

Ultimate Splen's Set

Ultimate Noble Splen's Set


Wise Dragon King:

Wise Dragon set

Wise Dragon King Set

Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.0 (GF):

KR - Update November 28th 2018

KR - Update November 29th 2018

KR - Update November 30th 2018

KR - Update December 5th 2018

KR - Update December 12th 2018

KR - Update December 13th 2018

KR - Update December 19th 2018

KR - Update December 26th 2018

KR - Update January 9th 2019

KR - Update January 16th 2019

KR - Update January 30th 2019


Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update February 13th 2019

KR - Update February 20th 2019

KR - Update February 27th 2019

KR - Update March 6th 2019

KR - Update March 20th 2019

KR - Update April 3rd 2019

KR - Update April 17th 2019

KR - Update April 18th 2019

KR - Update May 2nd 2019



Official 7.0 Patchnote GF



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