7.2 - Era of Legends

KR – Update May 29th, 2019

Red Catalam

1. The Catalam Ultimate Protector Weapon Boxes have been set up for you to receive the weapon corresponding to your class.

2. Improved Catalan Ultimate One-Handed weapons Stats.

Existing stats New Stats
PvP Attack +600
PvP Defense +600
HP +100 000
MP +100 000
PvP Attack +1000
PvP Defense +1000
HP +200 000
MP +200 000

3. Fixed the Stigma NPCs icon on the map.

4. Faction flags on the Silus fortress have been removed.

5. Fixed some monsters that did not display in the right place.

6. Fixed a problem with the balaur officer who sometimes could not attack the Elyos / Asmodian NPC officer in some situations.

7. Fixed a problem with the dominant raid Boss that could act oddly once appeared.

8. Fixed an issue where some monsters appeared in neutral areas.

9. Fixed some skills errors of some monsters.

10. Fixed stats of some Items.


1. The number of entries of ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘ has been adjusted.

2. Stella Special Forces Stats summoned by the oversized armor in the ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘ have been adjusted.

3. The damage of the skill ‘포격 명령’ used by the oversized armor in the ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘ have been adjusted.

4. The damage of the flame zone summoned by the oversized armor in the ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘ have been adjusted.

5. Fixed some of the skills of the oversized armor in the ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘.

6. Fixed a problem with Stella’s Special Forces in the ‘Benirung’s Mansion‘.

7. Fixed stats and skills of some monsters in the Tower of Challenge.

8. Fixed a problem with the mouse cursor when the player tried to speak with the NPC “Inggril, Daeva of Time” in the Tower of Challenge.

9. Fixed an issue where sometimes players could enter the Tower of Challenge while they were in a group.

10. Fixed a problem with the “worm eggs” on the 4th floor of the Tower of Challenge which did not disappear.

11. Pattern change and damage reduction of ‘Shadow Protectors’ in Makarna.

12. Fixed the damage of “Resentful Commander Girad” in the “Hererim Mine” when he uses “Essence of Madness”.

13. Added [Event] in front of instance names only available during special events.


1. Correction of the acquisition level of “Gust Requiem”.

2. Fixed the typo of some tooltips.


1. Fixed tooltip for some materials.

2. The equipment boxes obtained in the instances related to leveling quests are now for the whole group.

3. Fixed a problem with the period of use of some boxes of Enchanting Stones that was not applied.

4. Fixed some lists of items in the “item Guide” window.

5. Fixed some tooltips.

6. The appearance of some items has been fixed.

7. Fixed a bug in which some effects disappeared when using ‘Ascension Jelly (PvP) / Ascension Jelly (PvE)’.


1. Fortresses Weekly quests. in the Lugbug missions have been changed into daily quests.

2. Fixed the connection between some quests.

3. The category of some quests has been modified.

4. The progress of some quests has been ajusted.

5. The progression of some guide missions has been fixed.


1. Fixed the number of times the weekly quest “[요새전] 용맹한 데바를 증명하는 법” can be done 2 times a week.


1. ‘네로’ NPC spawn fixed.

2. Changing the pattern of some named monsters.

3. Fixed the appearance of some NPCs.

4. A problem that sometimes made the NPC ‘Lost Lugbug’ didn’t appear has been fixed.


1. Fixed an issue where the reset of the Lugbug Weekly rewards was Friday instead of Wednesday.

2. Fixed an issue where the region name was not displayed correctly when a player was using his “Transformation: Guardian General”.

3. Fixed a problem with the tooltip of some artifacts that sometimes showed useless informations.

4. Fixed typos in event system messages.

5. Typos in descriptions of new transformations have been fixed.

6. Removing ‘Nochsana Training Camp’ from the list of dungeons.


1. Fixed some sounds in Dumaha.


1. Fixed some textures in Red Catalam.

Defense of exploration Bases

1. Fixed an issue where the garrisons were not always catchable at the time of capture time.


1. Fixed an issue where appearance changes did not always work under some transformations

7.2 Update: Era of Legends
New things

New Area

Orbis Training Arena




New PVE instances:

Beninerk’s Manor (Easy)

Beninerk’s Manor (Normal)

Hidden Minium Warehouse


New Event instance:

[Event] Farm animals race

[Event] Shattered Abyssal Splinter



Tower of Challenge


New Battlefields:

(North) Red Katalam (1000 vs 1000)

(South) Red Katalam Prades (96 vs 96)

(South) Red Katalam Garrisons


New Arenas

Solitude Training Camp (1 vs 1)

Primal Battlefield (2 to 12 players)


New items

New legendary transformations

Israphel's Apostle

Marchutan's Apostle

Zikel's Apostle

Kaisinel's Apostle

Siel's Apostle

Nezakan's Apostle

[Oops!] Rapid Hanbok Pixel


New Ultimate transformation



New Rank S Minions

Rank S Minions


New Battlefield Medals

Legendary Battle Medal

Ultimate Battle Medal


New Battlefield box

Box of Katalam protector's weapons



Class balance:

Class balance - n°13

Class balance - n°14

Class balance - n°15


New Holy Daevanion Skills

Holy Daevanion Skills


New (Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Stigma

(Enhanced) Vision Stigma Combinations


Stigma Translated

(Enhanced) Stigma Cloths

(Enhanced) Stigma Leathers

(Enhanced) Stigma Chains

(Enhanced) Stigma Plates


New Sets

Heavenly Weapons Collection

Heavenly Collection

Sun Weapons

Moon Weapons

Meteor Weapons


PvP Sets

Ancient Battle Set

Legendary Battle Set

Ultimate Battle Set

Ultimate of Intense Battle Set


Katalam Weapons (PvP)

Ultimate Weapons of the Katalam Protector


Additional Updates

Additional Updates 7.2 (GF):

KR - Update May 22nd, 2019

KR - Update May 23rd, 2019

KR - Update May 29th, 2019

KR - Update June 5th, 2019

KR - Update June 12th, 2019

KR - Update June 19th, 2019

KR - Update June 26th, 2019

KR - Update July 3rd, 2019


Additional Updates 7.5 (GF):

KR - Update July 17th, 2019

KR - Update July 31st, 2019

KR - Update August 7th, 2019

KR - Update August 14th, 2019

KR - Update August 21st, 2019

KR - Update August 23rd, 2019

KR - Update August 28th, 2019

KR - Update September 4th, 2019

KR - Update September 19th, 2019

KR - Update September 25th, 2019

KR - Update October 3rd, 2019



Official 7.2 Patchnote GF



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