Update 2.6 – Ebondrake Citadel

Ebondrake Citadel: A formidable prison of evil


1. The Tower of Memory event dungeon is now available!
– The Tower of Memory is available to level 16+ characters and can be run once per day.
– Tower of Memory Resets allow you to run the dungeon additional times and can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store for NCoin or Hongmoon Coin.

2. Complete the Tower of Memory to earn Coins of Memory that can be exchanged for rewards on the Dragon Express including but not limited to:
– Flashback
– Fated Bond
– Taikhan’s Skin
– Stone of Wisdom
– Mysterious Crystal


Lightning Pierce / Lightning Crash (F)
– Lightning Pierce and Lightning Crash can no longer be canceled by other skills.
Turning Leaf (Tab)
– Fixed an issue with the display of Turning Leaf.
Stealth (Tab)
– Stealth now decreases an enemy’s movement speed by 50% instead of requiring them to be blinded by Flare.
Shadow Dash / Sidewinder (1)
– Shadow Dash (Stage 1) and Sidewinder (Stage 2 and 3) now apply their effects faster when used near an enemy.

Blade Dancer

Five Point Strike (X)
– Skyward Slash (Tier 2 Stage 3 and Tier 3 Stage 3) now decreases the cooldown of Rush, Multislash, and Raid by 6 seconds.
– Thunder Slash (Tier 2 Stage 4) now grants Electric Surge for 3 seconds.
– Thunder Slash (Tier 3 Stage 4) now creates 3 Electric Focus during Electric Surge instead of triggering when attacking from behind an enemy.

Blade Master

Violent Blade (F)
– Violent Blade (Tier 3 Stage 3) now grants the Fire Dragon effect for 2 seconds, up from 1.
Raid (2)
– Raid (Stage 1 and Stage 2) no longer deals Lightning Damage.
– Fixed an issue where the Bleed effect from Raid (Tier 2 Stage 2) was not being correctly applied.
Blade Storm (X)
– Blade Storm (Tier 2 Stage 1) now grants the Fire Dragon effect for 6 seconds, up from 4.


Recommended Training
– Fixed display issues in the Shadow and Hunting Recommended Training Builds.
Mighty Cleave (F)
– Mighty Cleave now deals increased damage.

Force Master

Retreat (F)
– Retreat (F) can now be cast faster after a successful counter with Impact (Tier 5 Stage 1).
Frost Armor (Tab)
– Frost Armor (Stage 1 and Stage 2) now always recovers 5% of total HP.
Mystic Fire (3)
– Mystic Fire now triggers Bonus Flame or Bonus Frost effects upon a successful hit in Flame or Frost mode.
Phantom Grip (4)
– Phantom Grip (Tier 2 Stage 1) has had its cooldown increased to 36 seconds, up from 24 seconds.
Inferno (X)
– You can now cast other skills faster in succession with Inferno (Tier 5 Stage 1).
Divine Veil (C)
– Divine Veil (Stage 1) now recovers 10% HP at all Tiers.

Kung Fu Master

Awakened Searing Palm (X)
– Awakened Searing Palm can now be cast after Swift Strike and Searing Blow.

Soul Fighter

Beam Cannon (LMB)
– Beam Cannon now increases Chi Level by 1.


Power Pounce (Tab)
– Fixed an issue where Power Pounce (Tier 2 Stage 1 and Tier 4 Stage 1) would not correctly disable defensive skills if the effect from Flying Nettles (Stage 2) was already active.
Thorn Strike (2)
– Thorn Strike (Tier 1 Stage 1) now recovers HP for the caster and their party members.
– Vine Whip (Stage 2) is a new skill that deals Wind damage while recovering HP for the caster and their party members.
Petal Storm Toss (3)
– Petal Storm Toss (Tier 3 Stage 2) now enables instant casting of Rumblebees Tier 3 with additional damage equal to 550% of Attack Power for 3 seconds.


Dimensional Volley (RMB)
– Dimensional Volley now deals increased damage.
Soulburn / Time Distortion (Tab)
– The cooldown of Soulburn (Stage 2) and Time Distortion (Stage 3) has been reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds, down from 3 minutes.
– The resistance debuff for Soulburn and Time Distortion has been reduced to 1 minute, down from 1 minute 30 seconds.
Imprison (3)
– Imprison (Tier 4 Stage 1) now enables instant casting of Dragoncall and Wingstorm upon landing its final hit successfully.

Tower of Infinity

1. Tower of Infinity – Season of Fury 1/3 has begun and will run from October 5 until November 16.
– This is the first of three mini-seasons that will run for six weeks each and make up the overall Season of Fury.
– Season rewards have been updated and can be viewed in the Ranking Menu (F11)
– You now earn Season of Fury Tokens and Season of Fury Token Fragments from Tower of Infinity and Trial Arena.
– Tribute Tokens have been made tradeable. Tribute Token Fragments will remain untradeable.

2. The Primal Force Soul Badge and Blue Moon Soul Badge are now available for each class from Tower Trader Gang Chiwon in front of the Tower of Infinity entrance.
– These two Soul Badges as well as the existing Tribute and Devotion Soul Badges are also available from a new Premium Membership tab in the Dragon Express.

3. Trial Arena rewards have been updated. They have also been reset and can be earned again.
– Rewards will reset in the future for each major season (not mini-season).


1. Spectator Mode is now available for 1v1 Duel Arena and 1v1 Sparring matches!
– You can access Spectator Mode through the Arena Match (F9) menu.
– Spectate a match by entering a player’s name or choosing a match from the FILL list.
– You can choose to allow or disallow other players to spectate your games when queuing for 1v1 Duel Arena or sending a Sparring challenge.

2. 3v3 Tag Match Season 2 has begun and will run from October 5 until November 16.
3. Whirlwind Valley Season 2 has begun and will run from October 5 until November 16.


1. The legendary Draken Ring is now available from 4-member and 6-member Ebondrake Citadel.
– Once transformed, the Draken Ring will become the legendary Destiny Ring which can be upgraded to Stage 10.

2. True Yeti Ring – Stage 10 can now be salvaged for 30 Legendary Jewels.
3. The Dragon King’s Energy set bonus has been updated to require 2 of the following 3 accessories upgraded to at least Stage 6:
– Oath Necklace
– Destiny Ring
– Eternity Belt

4. Increased the droprate of Draken Necklace from 4-member and 6-member Desolate Tomb.
5. Transformation costs for most accessories have been decreased by about 30%.
6. Mushin Arts Training Uniform and Mushin Arts Adornment have been added to Kiyeon the Achievements Merchant in Zaiwei.
7. Increased the droprate of Locked Chromatic Weapon from Tainted Lab, The Shrieking Caverns, and Ebondrake Hideout to 100%.
8. Additional transmutation options have been added for gems and some costs have been adjusted.


– Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.

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