Update 2.9 – Ruins of Khanda Vihar

Set off on a brand new adventure across the world to the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.


1. The Khanda Vihar zone is now available.
1.1. Complete the first 5 chapters of the Khanda Vidar questline to receive the Shadowless Defender outfit and adornments

2. A new Daily Dash is available from December 7 through January 18.
3. A large number of Weapons, Accessories, and Soul Shields have been removed from Viridian Coast, Cinderlands, Moonwater Plains, and Silverfrost Mountains.
3.1. This change was made to streamline progression through these zones and reduce the amount of clutter players receive. The following achievements are no longer obtainable and have been removed from the game:
– Viridian Soul Shield Collector
– Cinderlands Soul Shield Collector

4. Frozen Stingers have been removed from the Daily Challenge Reward chest and have been replaced by a chance to earn an Honorary Ornament.
5. Fixed an issue where certain gems originating from Gem Chests could not be used as reagents in Transmutation.

Holiday Festivities

1. Visit Zaiwei in Silverfrost Mountains or Jadestone Village at the Viridian Coast to take in the beautiful decorations and seasonal music.
2. NPCs in dungeons throughout the Earthen Realm are also celebrating the holidays by donning some festive attire.
3. The Hongmoon Store has been covered in a blanket of fresh snow and boasts a new holiday soundtrack as well.

4. The Frozen Firing Range event dungeon is now available in Jadestone Village or through the Cross Server Dungeon.
4.1. Characters level 16 and above can run the instance once per day. Additional resets can be purchased on the Hongmoon Store.
4.2. Complete the event dungeon to earn Snowflake Crystals event currency as well as Holiday Stockings which have a chance to contain:
– Snowflake Snow Cone (buff food)
– Icicle
– Snowflake Crystals
– Excellent Experience Charms
– Sealed Flower of Lament
– Sealed Taikhan’s Husk

4.3. Exchange Snowflake Crystals in the Dragon Express for rewards including but not limited to:
– Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot
– Flower of Lament
– Silent Night and Silent Night Hat
– Glowing Reindeer Headband
– Glowing Red Nose

4.4. Additional Snowflake Crystals can be earned through Daily Challenge and Daily Dash as well as upcoming promotions on the Hongmoon Store.
4.5. From December 7 through February 8, you can obtain a Flawless Brilliant Hongmoon Heptagonal Peridot through transmutation with a 100% success rate by using:
– Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot x1
– Snowflake Crystal x200
– 3 Gold

5. The Merchant of Wonders Shin Bihye has been caught up in the holiday spirit and has made his return to the Earthen Realm! From December 7 through January 18 he has a chance to visit you with a generous offering of items when completing the following dungeons:
– Awakened Necropolis
– Heaven’s Mandate
– Cold Storage
– Sogun’s Lament
– Gloomdross Incursion
– The Shattered Masts
– Ebondrake Citadel
– Desolate Tomb
– Naryu Foundry

Legendary Weapons & Accessories

1. Baleful and Seraph Weapons can now be upgraded to Stage 9.
Upgrade costs for Baleful and Seraph Weapon Stages 1-6 have been significantly reduced. For more information, click here.

2. Galaxy Weapons can now be upgraded to Stage 6.
3. The legendary Draken Belt is now available from 4-member and 6-member Naryu Foundry.
Once transformed, the Draken Belt will become the legendary Eternity Belt which can be upgraded to Stage 10.
The Eternity Belt has a chance to trigger the Lifeforce buff which recovers HP over time and increases Recovery. This buff becomes more potent at higher stages and can only occur once every 30 seconds.

4. The legendary Draken Earring is now available from Midnight Skypetal Plains NPCs for 110 Lunar Twilight Flower.
Once transformed, the Draken Earring will become the legendary Immortality Earring which can be upgraded to Stage 10.
The Immortality Earring has a chance to trigger the Courage buff which recovers HP and increases Max HP, stacking up to 10 times. This buff becomes more potent at higher stages.

5. The Dragon King’s Energy set bonus has been updated to require 2 of the following 4 accessories upgraded to at least Stage 6:
– Oath Necklace
– Destiny Ring
– Eternity Belt
– Immortality Earring

6. Tradeable chests containing the corresponding legendary Draken accessories now drop at a very low rate from the following content:
– Chest of Desolation – Desolate Tomb (4-member)
– Faded Artificer Box – Ebondrake Citadel (4-member)
– Lost Relic Chest – Naryu Foundry (4-member)
– Dazzling Relic Chest – Midnight Skypetal Plains
– These chests can be unlocked with legendary keys that can be purchased from Exchange Merchant Mallang in Cold Storage.


1. The Hongmoon Energy upgrade path has been re-designed.

1.1. Current Hongmoon Energy – Stage 2 through Stage 5 will be changed to Refined quality and can no longer be upgraded. You can salvage these items to receive an upgradeable Heroic Hongmoon Energy – Stage 1 as well as any materials that were used to upgrade the Hongmoon Energy.
1.2. Hongmoon Energy can now be upgraded up to Stage 10 where it can then become Critical Awakened Hongmoon Energy and finally True Hongmoon Energy. Upgrade materials have been consolidated to increasing amounts of Sacred Oil, which can be transmuted with a 100% success rate for the following cost:
– Demon Spirit Stone x1
– Evolved Stone x25
– Honorary Ornament x10
– Silverfrost Mountains Transformation Stone x5
– 5 Gold

2. Heroic Elemental Accessories are now available from 4-member and 6-member Desolate Tomb, Ebondrake Citadel, and Naryu Foundry.


1. 1v1 Duel Match Season 7 has begun and will run from December 7 through January 18.
2. Beluga Lagoon Season 2 has begun and will run from December 7 through January 18.


– Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.

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