Update 3.4 – Rise of the Gunslinger

The new Gunslinger class arrives for free for all players on September 13 with the Rise of the Gunslinger update

New Gunslinger Class

– The Gunslinger class is now available for Jin and Yun.
– The maximum number of character slots has been increased to 10, up from 9.

Events & Limited Time Buffs

1. The Tower of Memory event dungeon is now available from September 13 through October 18.
– Level 50 characters can enter the Tower of Memory event dungeon through the instance portal in Jadestone Village or use the Cross Server Dungeon (F8).

1.1. Accept the Tower of Memory daily quest “Not-So-Fond Memories” from your Quest Letters and complete it to receive 3 Memory Bell event tokens. Complete the dynamic quest “Brawn for Poharan” to receive a Treasured Memory Chest.
– The Treasured Memory Chest contains 4 guaranteed Memory Bell with a chance for more as well as possibly containing 10 Gold, a Special Hongmoon XP Charm, or the Blood Raid Blindfold adornment.

1.2. You can also earn Memory Bells by completing the Daily Challenge (3), the Dawn of Khanda Vihar dynamic quest “The Memory of Meganura” (6), and Act IV Chapter 38: Endings and Beginnings (65) as well as one per day for free from the Hongmoon Store.
1.3. You can exchange Memory Bells for rewards in the Event tab of Dragon Express, including but not limited to:
– Blood Raid
– Blood Raid Rucksack
– Blood Raid Blindfold
– Constellation Weapon Chest
– Sacred Oil
– Hongmoon Hexagonal Amethyst
– Special Hongmoon XP Charm
– Fleeting Hongmoon Soul (3 hour duration)
– Fleeting Jiwan Soul (3 hour duration)

2. The Jyansei’s Jackpot Jubilee event is now available from September 13 through October 18.
2.1. Head to the Hongmoon Store to grab a Jyansei’s Jackpot for 0 NCoin.
2.2. Jyansei’s Jackpot can be opened once every 10 hours to receive rewards as well as the next stage of Jyansei’s Jackpot.
2.3. One additional Jyansei’s Jackpot will be made available on September 27 for 0 NCoin. This will share the same cooldown with all other Jyansei’s Jackpot items.
2.4. Jyansei’s Jackpot – Stage 10 is the final stage and contains the Wonderland outfit and White Rabbit Headpiece. Some of the other rewards from various stages include:
– Sacred Oil
– Premium Transformation Stone
– Legendary Gem Hammer
– Radiant Energy
– Special Hongmoon XP Charm

3. The Treasure Trove is now available from September 13 through October 4.
– A new bar has been added that will increase each time you use a Treasure Trove Key from the Hongmoon Store. You also have a small chance to receive 1-2 additional points each time.
– Once the bar has reached its max value of 40, the next Treasure Trove Key from the Hongmoon Store used will guarantee an increased reward!

4. From September 13 through October 18, the Extra Confidence buff which increases Attack Power and reduces damage taken will be available in the following Normal Mode dungeons:
– Ebondrake Citadel
– Desolate Tomb
– Naryu Foundry

5. Experience gained from Acts 1-4 and Act 6 will be increased by 50% from September 13 through October 18.


1. Alliances are now composed of two groups of 6 members for a total of 12 members.
Midnight Skypetal Plains, Skybreak Spire, Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Temple of Eluvium, and Scion’s Keep have had their difficulty, mechanics, and rewards adjusted for the new alliance size.

2. Deletion time has been reduced to 5 minutes for characters of all levels.
3. A new Completion Bonuses system has been added where characters will receive additional rewards when completing the following dungeons for the first 10 times on Normal and Hard:
– Desolate Tomb
– Ebondrake Citadel
– Naryu Foundry
– Naryu Sanctum
– Irontech Forge
– Ebondrake Lair

4. Brazilian Portuguese language support has been added for the NCSOFT Launcher and as an in-game language.
5. Hongmoon Secret Technique quests have been removed and have been replaced by achievements. Items used for these quests can be exchanged via the Manage Antiques window.
6. Retrieved Hongmoon Secret Technique Volume 4 is now available from Zen Bean Trader, Battlefield Trader, and Dragon Express.
7. Beluga Lagoon Battle Frenzy is now available at 19:00 – 23:00 Server Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to line up with Clan Battlegrounds.
8. Surveys now only appear every 10 levels and the rewards have been updated. They also no longer contain questions; thank you for your participation and feedback!
9. Hongmoon Training Room rewards have been updated. All existing rewards have been replaced with consumables and buff items such as Bruiser Charm and Hongmoon Friendship Charm.

User Interface

– A new class-specific UI has been added to quickly display an overall estimate of your buffs and status of your Soul, Weapon, and Bracelet. This UI can be toggled on or off in the Game > Status Info options.
– You can now preview weapon chests to view weapon appearances for all classes.
– A new Social Mode UI has been implemented and the shortcut has been changed from Shift+F3 to Ctrl+Alt.
– You can now disable the Sorting function in your Inventory and Vault via the Game > Interface options.
– The Evolve tab in the Manage Equipment UI has received improvements for situations when there are multiple path choices.
– New icons have been added to item icons to indicate if they are Bound to Account or Tradeable. This can be toggled on or off in the Game > Interface options.
– All alliance members will now be notified when players do not respond to a ready check.
– You can now right-click on character names to open a context menu in system messages when applying to a party or receiving a party applicant.
– The requirements section of dungeon tooltips has been condensed.


1.You now receive Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon when completing Act VII Chapter 1: The Mysterious Stranger.
– Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon can be upgraded with a Light Stone or Dark Stone to Seraph Weapon or Baleful Weapon, respectively.
– Unrefined Scaleburn Weapon is also available from Naryu Coin Exchanger Chayong at Grand Harvest Square or Naryu Coin Exchanger Sun Giwon at Northreach for 5 Naryu Tablet after completing Act VI.

2.The cost of upgrading Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 1-11 has been decreased slightly.
– Upgrading Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 2 can now use Asura Weapon or Accursed Weapon.
– Upgrading Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 9 now uses Gunwon Weapon instead of Accursed Weapon.

3.Stage 10 Legendary Elemental Accessories from Skybreak Spire can now be upgraded to Awakened versions using Elemental Accessories of any element that drop from the same boss and Blackstones amongst other upgrade materials.
– Additional Elemental Accessories of the same type that drop from the same boss can be used to upgrade the Awakened Elemental Accessories up to 2 additional times to increase their stats.

4.Hellion Ring can now be purchased from Dragon Express for 250 Demon Eye. Demon Eye is obtained from Ebondrake Lair Normal Mode and Hard Mode with increased amounts available from Hard Mode.

5.The amount of Sacred Oil required to upgrade Hongmoon Energy Stage 1-10, Awakened/True Hongmoon Energy, and Awakened/True Ascending Soul has been reduced significantly.
– Upgrading Hongmoon Energy Stage 1-5 will now require Transformation Stones but require no Sacred Oils.
– All of these stages now require Void Fragments to upgrade.

6.Heroic Elemental accessory drop locations have been streamlined.
– Desolate Tomb now drops Pyro Ring for all elements from Normal Mode and Awakened Pyro Ring from Hard Mode.
– Ebondrake Citadel now drops Zakhan Earring for all elements in Normal Mode and Awakened Zakhan Earring from Hard Mode.
– Naryu Foundry now drops Acrimor Necklace for all elements in Normal Mode and Awakened Acrimor Necklace from Hard Mode.

7.Weapons and accessories from Ebondrake Citadel are now designated with the Covenant prefix.

Soul Shields

1. You now have a chance to obtain Raven Feather when salvaging Legendary Soul Shields from Skybreak Spire and Hive Queen’s Wing when salvaging Legendary Soul Shields from Temple of Eluvium and Scion’s Keep.

2. The cost of all Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chests as well as Sacred Longgui Key from Midnight Skypetal Plains Exchanger Lee Shingum has been reduced.
– Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chests no longer require any achievements or Green, Yellow, or Purple Moonlight Crystals to purchase from Midnight Skypetal Plains Exchanger Lee Shingum. The amount of Lunar Twilight Flowers required has also been reduced.
– Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chests and Sacred Longgui Key are no longer available from Dragon Express.
– Midnight Valuables, Wisdom Stone, and Flower of Lament are no longer available from Midnight Skypetal Plains Exchanger Lee Shingum.
– Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield Chest 6-8 no longer require achievements to be purchased from Celestial Basin Exchange Merchant Lee Youjin.

3. The achievement requirements needed to purchase Raven Soul Shield Chests 3-8 from Dragon Express or The Shadowless Exchanger Wei Ido have been made easier.


1. The Pet Aura upgrade path has been condensed and new stages have been added to create a new Hongmoon Pet Aura upgrade path. Press Ctrl+I in-game to view the Pet Aura Equipment Upgrade Path.
– Existing Pet Auras can still be used, but in order to be upgraded they must be converted to the new Hongmoon Pet Aura through the Evolve menu.
– Hongmoon Pet Aura upgrades with multiple outcomes (e.g. Furious, Gusty, Loyal, Unleashed) are now executed through the Evolve menu instead of the Transmutation menu.

2. Pet Auras are now upgraded with the new Pet Pod item.
– Pet Pods can be created via Transmutation for 30 Bravery Coin, 5 Moonstone, 8 Elysian Orb, and 10 Gold.
– Pet Pods can also be created via Transmutation for any Heroic Pet, 10 Soulstones, and 5 Gold
– Pet Enhancement Stones can be exchanged via the Manage Antiques window for 10 Soulstone, 20 Sacred Orb, and 5 Elysian Orb

3. Purchasing a Pet Aura from Dragon Express now costs 1 Pet Pod and 50 Gold.


1. Crafting and Gathering requests will be disabled on September 9.
2. All Gathering professions and the Crafting guild Merry Potters will be removed.
– Merry Potter Uniform and Potter Cap will now be available from Kiyeon the Achievement Merchant in Zaiwei.
– Clan crafting contracts no longer require Merry Potters.
– Some items that were previously available via Merry Potters are now available from other Crafting guilds.
– Compensation for resources invested into Merry Potters will be distributed during maintenance.

3. Crafting materials are now acquired directly via the crafting guilds themselves. Crafting materials are also available through dungeons, raids, and battleground quests.
4. The maximum level for all crafting guilds has been increased from 4 to 5 and new items can now be created via all crafting guilds.
5. You can now have three simultaneous crafting orders, up from two.
6. Soul Warden’s Emblem will no longer drop from Midnight Skypetal Plains and Secret Technique items will no longer drop from dungeons.
7. Sample gathering quests and secret technique quests have been removed.
8. Achievements will be updated to exclude crafting or gathering items that are no longer available.
9. Spring Water and Quartz will no longer be available. Jar and Pickaxe items can be exchanged via the Antiques window.
10. Deprecated items can be exchanged via the Manage Antiques window for gold or equivalent items.
11. Artisanal, Masterwork, and Soul Warden Soul Shield Primers can now be exchanged for updated items via Dragon Express. Yellow Hibiscus Extract, Glacial Water, and Silverfrost Quartz can also be exchanged.


1. Treasure Chests in all Level 50 Heroic dungeons have been replaced with new versions to provide more Soulstone Crystals, Moonstone Crystals, Sacred Orbs/Crystals, and Elysian Orbs/Crystals overall.
2. Be Ido in Sundered Nexus, Umbral Lord Baruk in Gloomdross Incursion, and Taikhan in The Shattered Masts now have a low chance to drop 5 Treasure Pouches.
3. You can now create Large Fortune Potions that restore 30,000 HP with a cooldown of 15 seconds by transmuting 2 Fortune Potions with a 15 silver fee. There is also an option to transmute 100 Large Fortune Potions at once.

4. The following items are now Bound to Account:
– Yunsang Prayer Bead and Yunsang Prayer Beads
– Demon Spirit Stone
– Void Fragment
– Ascendance Stone
– Bravery Coin
– Training Certificate
– Pugilist’s Token
– Whirlwind Token
– Legendary Gem Hammer
– Hongmoon Brilliant Key

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