• Soul Fighter

    Unprecedented and formidable, crush your enemies with the Soul fighter The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for Blade…

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  • Destroyer

    The relentless domination of the Destroyer The Destroyer is an excellent class for anyone wanting to wade into the thick…

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  • Kung Fu Master

    Let the fists fly with the Kung Fu Master The Kung Fu Master is likely the most complex class, requiring…

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  • Warlock

    Spectacular and intrepid appeal to the spirits by means of charms and talismans with The Warlock! The Warlock is Blade…

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  • Assassin

    Darkness is his favorite field, be discreet with the Assassin The Assassin is a complex class that excels when they…

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  • Blade Master

    Be at the heart of the action with Blade Master The Blade Master is a popular class to play for…

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  • Force Master

    Fight with a meow fury by choosing the Force Master The Force Master is a ranged class that boasts powerful…

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  • Summoner

    Fight with a meow fury by choosing the Summoner The Summoner and their Familiar are a purr-fect team that always…

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  • Blade Dancer

    As fast as lightning and sharp as the wind The Blade Dancer is unique! The Blade Dancer is a true…

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