• The Cinderlands

    The Southern Continent’s mainland was once the proud heart of civilization, where the mighty Naryu Empire stood uncontested for centuries.…

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  • Silverfrost Mountains

    Further north on the Eastern Continent are the Skypetal Plains: gorgeous fields of swaying grass and fragrant wildflowers caressed by…

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  • Moonwater plains

    After surviving the desolate heat of the Cinderlands, a bit of water is a relief! Upon the Eastern Continent, The…

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  • Update 2.5 – Desolate Tomb

    A new pinnacle of challenging content arrives, in addition to improvements to some key systems. General 1. The Summer Treasure…

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  • Les Bagua

    Les Bagua sont des petites parties d’un médaillon, l’un des éléments les plus important du jeu si vous souhaitez améliorer…

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  • Viridian Coast

    The Southern Continent is home to some of the most lovely and abundant regions in the world. There is little…

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