Moonwater plains


After surviving the desolate heat of the Cinderlands, a bit of water is a relief! Upon the Eastern Continent, The Moonwater Plains has a surplus of mighty rivers, crashing waterfalls, and vast lakes as clear as a cloudless sky. The sprawling Lycandi Foothills are home to the native people of the region who live side-by-side with the Lyn of Brightstone Village and the farming community of Hogshead Pastures. The glorious Sapphire Basin is home to many curious species such as the frog-like Ploggles and the brutish Hoglin.

But a shadow always lurks nearby: The Haunted Necropolis, stained by corrupted energy some 30 years past, is where a demonic outbreak is endlessly held back by the brave Snapjaw Tribe. As the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire, one must always be wary of the outbreak of violence where the Talus Army clashes with the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance.


Viridian Coast

Blade & Soul starter area.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 1-20.

DungeonsWorld Boss | Fortune wheel

The Cinderlands

Huge desert area, on the Southern Continent, north of Viridian Coast .

This zone is mainly for players lvl 21-36.

DungeonsBattlefieldsWorld Boss | Fortune wheel

Moonwater Plains

Southern part of the Eastern Continent.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 37-45.

Dungeons | World Boss | Fortune wheel

Silverfrost Mountains

Snowy mountains in the northern plains.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 45-50.

Dungeons | Battlefields | Fortune wheel

Gunwon city

Mysterious island located in the Western area of the Southern Continent.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 50-55.


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