Viridian Coast

The Southern Continent is home to some of the most lovely and abundant regions in the world. There is little that can compare to the serene Viridian Coast. From the sandy beaches outside of picturesque Bamboo Village, to the eerie depths of the Gloomdross Forest where phantoms play, to the towering coastal cliffs of Songshu Isle.

The Viridian Coast lives up to its name with its lush green plains, cool bamboo forests, and valleys where fragments of the earth float into the sky to dizzying heights. It is home to Jadestone Village, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region, and the prestigious Hongmoon School tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. But for all its peaceful beauty, there’s always the looming threat of the devious Blackram Marauders waiting to strike at the unsuspecting coastal towns, or the restless spirits haunting the Gloomdross Forest.


Viridian Coast

Blade & Soul starter area.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 1-20.

DungeonsWorld Boss | Fortune wheel

The Cinderlands

Huge desert area, on the Southern Continent, north of Viridian Coast .

This zone is mainly for players lvl 21-36.

DungeonsBattlefieldsWorld Boss | Fortune wheel

Moonwater Plains

Southern part of the Eastern Continent.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 37-45.

Dungeons | World Boss | Fortune wheel

Silverfrost Mountains

Snowy mountains in the northern plains.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 45-50.

Dungeons | Battlefields | Fortune wheel

Gunwon city

Mysterious island located in the Western area of the Southern Continent.

This zone is mainly for players lvl 50-55.


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