Apply to be a Bless Online Emissary!

We are looking for Emissaries to join us in promoting Bless Online and adding to the Bless experience in areas such as broadcasting, video production, fanart, community leadership, and event hosting.

We are also planning to invite several specially selected Emissaries from our Emissary team to Bless Online’s scheduled press event in San Francisco, USA.
The press conference will take place on May 11, 2018, and attendees will have the opportunity to test out and stream Bless Online’s Steam EA version first!

※ Selected participants will be individually notified through e-mail or Discord.

Anyone who wants to be actively involved in contributing to the experience of Bless Online and strengthening the community around it is encouraged to apply for the Emissary program!

“Apply to be an Emissary now!”

The Bless Team

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