Emissary program schedule and FAQ updates

Hello, everyone!

It’s already been a month since we first announced the Emissary program!
A lot of people have been showing their interest in the program and asking us a lot of questions about it, so we thought we’d compile a list of the most frequently asked questions and give some additional updates about the program itself.

We are planning to announce the list of selected Emissary applicants on May 9th!
As we’ve been receiving a lot of applications, we are planning to accept Emissary applications until May 2nd. After 10:00 PM PDT that day, you will no longer be able to submit your application. So if you haven’t applied yet, please make sure to apply by then!

However, don’t get too discouraged if you miss the opportunity this time. We will keep recruiting Emissaries on a regular basis!

– May 2, 10:00 PM PDT: Application deadline
– May 9: Announcement of selected Emissaries

Also Here are additional Emissary questions that many of you were curious about.

Additional FAQs

Will there be an NDA for the Emissary program?
– Yes, you have to agree with the Emissary Rules of Conduct, which also contain NDA content for applicants.

Will the Emissary program be continuing long term? Or will it be only going on until the full launch of Bless Online?
– We are planning to continue the program long term. We will open the application again sometime after May 2.

I don’t upload streams or videos on social media platforms. Can I still join as an artist?
– Yes, you can, as long as you’re planning to post Bless related content on social media on a regular basis.

Can I apply for both the Creator and Community Leader roles?
– Yes! If you can carry out both roles well, you can be selected for both positions.

When will Emissaries hear back about being selected?
– We will announce the selected Emissaries for the first round in May 9.

Do you have to be 18 to apply?
– If you’re allowed to play Bless according to the local rating authority in your country or territory, then you may also apply to become an Emissary.

How many Emissaries will you be selecting?
– We have a certain number in mind, but we would like to be careful at this moment as it could be changed depending on how many people apply for our program. We plan to start off small and gradually expand the program.

If you still haven’t heard of the Emissary Program, find out what it’s all about through the link below.
Emissary Steam link

Thank you again for your warm support and love!
The Bless Team

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